Clinics and Services

Maternity Care

If you are pregnant, please come and see us early – at the end of the second missed period. We do not encourage home deliveries at the moment, but will be happy to look after you in the GP unit at Whiston Hospital provided you are having your second, third or fourth baby and no complications are anticipated.

Following confirmation of pregnancy, please contact reception and book an appointment with the Midwife.

There is a Community Midwife in attendance at the Practice on Friday afternoons from 13:00 until 15:30.

INR and Warfarin Monitoring

Every Tuesday and Friday morning from 09:00 – 10:30 with the practice nurses Michelle and Nicola.

Diabetes Management and Diabetic Foot Checks

Diabetic patients with ‘low risk’ feet can make an annual appointment nurses for a foot check. Please note any abnormalities will be referred to the podiatry service. Diabetes management and diabetic foot checks are done in normal appointments with the practice nurse.

24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

This test is done to diagnose or find high blood pressure and to monitor blood pressure for medication. Patients will need to make a 15 minute appointment with the nurse to fit the recorder and a further 15-minute appointment the following day to remove the device.


ECGS are now available within the Practice. When advised by a clinician, please book an appointment at Reception.

Diet and Weight Reduction

If you are worried or concerned regarding you weight please see nurse for a referral to weight management services or you can self-refer by calling 0200 200 0103

Counselling Clinic

If you feel you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or any other mental health issues please see the nurse for a referral or contact Minds Matter on 01744 647100

Stop Smoking Signposting

If you wish to stop smoking and need help doing so please see the nurse for a referral to Smokefree St Helens. Alternatively you may contact the Stop Smoking Service direct on 0800 324 7111 or visit the website at

A list of local Smokefree St Helens sessions can be viewed here.

Insurance Medical Examinations

  • HGV/PSV examinations Taxi driver medical
  • Fitness to travel Pre-employment medicals

A fee will be charged for non-NHS work (as per the recommended charge on a scale recommended by the British Medical Association)

Baby Clinic

Our baby/child clinic is held on Tuesdays between 13:30 – 15:30 by appointment only, for immunisations or for your child’s 6-8 week check.

Contraception and Sexual Health

Comprehensive confidential advice is available during normal surgery times. Prescriptions for oral contraceptives (‘the pill’) can be given then and advice on long term acting contraception (IUS) but the fitting of coils is best done by special arrangement. Please ask at reception, this service is provided by Dr Chibby. Sexual health – The surgery offers Chlamydia screening please make appointment with nurse for this.

Cervical HPV Smear Test

Please book appointment with practice nurse for cervical HPV smear test. We recommend that all women who are, or have been, sexually active between the ages of 25 – 50 years have a smear test taken every three years and 50 – 65 years have a smear test every five years. When your smear test is due you will receive an invitation letter. However, if you know the test is due you need not wait for the invitation before making an appointment.

Well Person Clinics – NHS Health Check Plus

These clinics are run by the practice nurse by appointment only. Men and women are welcome to attend. The clinic includes, where appropriate, breast examinations and cervical smear tests and health checks or discussions on other health topics such as smoking and alcohol. Please inform reception when making an appointment for cervical smears and health checks. (This is to ensure the correct appointment is given so not to waste patient and clinicians’ time)

Special Services

Nation Bowel Screening National mammography screening
Pre-conception advice Learning difficulty annual review
Joint injections (arranged during surgery times) HPV vaccinations (cervical cancer prevention)
Dementia annual review Eye screening
New patient medicals

Activity for life and dietician referrals to St Helens/Knowsley

Referral to treatment room services for wound care, dressings, ear syringing and injections (i.e. Zoladex)

Chronic Disease Management

  • Asthma – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms please use our online form.
  • Cancer
  • COPD – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a COPD assessment please use our online form.
  • Dementia
  • Depression – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) please use our online form.
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a epilepsy review please use our online form.
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Hypertension
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney Disease
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Palliative Care
  • Stroke and TIA

These appointments are run to monitor treatment and to help patients gain a better understanding of their condition.

Flu Vaccinations

If you are eligible a flu vaccine will already have been purchased for you. Please book an appointment.

Flu Vaccinations are for patients aged 65 and over, or patients who have any of the following conditions:

  • A serious heart complaint
  • A chest complaint or breathing difficulties, including asthma, bronchitis and emphysema
  • Serious kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lowered immunity due to disease or treatment such as steroid medication or cancer treatment
  • If you have a problem with your spleen or you have had your spleen removed
  • If you have ever had a stroke

Pregnant Women and Carers are also advised to have the flu jab.

There is also a Nasal Spray Flu vaccination available for children.

Flu Vaccinations for children aged 2 and 3 are also available. Please read the following leaflets for guidance on which flu vaccine you or your child should have.

All about flu for children with learning disabilities leaflet
Which flu vaccine should you or your child have leaflet
Protecting your child against flu leaflet

Shingles Vaccination

A vaccine to prevent shingles, a common, painful skin disease is available on the NHS.

The national shingles immunisation programme is recommended for people aged 70 to 79, but is being introduced in phases.

Vaccination is currently being offered to those who are aged 70, 78 and 79, and to anyone in their seventies who was born after 1st September 1942. People who are in their seventies but are not yet eligible for vaccination, will be offered vaccination in future years under the national programme.

The shingles vaccine is given as a single, one off injection and it is expected to reduce your risk of getting shingles. If you are unlucky enough to go on to have the disease, your symptoms may be milder and the illness shorter.

It’s fine to have the shingles vaccine if you’ve already had shingles, as long as it is 12 months since your last bout of shingles. The vaccine works very well in people who have had shingles before and it will boost your immunity against further shingles attacks. Please book an appointment at reception.

Please see the Shingles leaflet 2018 for more information about the shingles vaccine

Travel Vaccinations

Please visit our digital Travel Room for more information on our vaccinations.

Travel vaccinations should be administered 6 to 8 weeks prior to travel in order for them to give the best protection so ensure you plan accordingly.

Breast Self-Awareness

It is important to do intermittent self-examination of the breasts, now termed self-awareness. If you are not sure how to do this, please ask for advice from our practice nurses. Instruction leaflets are available. All women between the ages of 50 and 65 will be offered a mammogram on a three yearly basis. If at any time a lump or abnormality is found, an appointment must be made with the doctor or Advanced Nurse Practitioner.


You can live a longer, happier life if you have a healthy lifestyle. This includes:

  • Avoiding SMOKING
  • Keeping ALCOHOL drinking to sensible levels
  • Avoiding addictive DRUGS
  • Eating a good, varied DIET
  • Keeping WEIGHT DOWN
  • Taking regular EXERCISE

This applies to all age groups. If you have difficulty achieving some of these objectives, we will help you.

Blood Tests

The Practice does not perform blood tests however please see our list of local clinics you may attend for your blood test.